Reaching New Heights

2013-06-27 20.58.32

Think of your deepest pain or fear. Those are the places we tend to think God cannot go, for if we let him go there, we would be healed. God is most fully real and himself in the worst parts of our lives, but letting go at the point when you feel the most fear and pain is difficult. Oddly enough, we prefer to hold onto our fear and pain because they keep us in control. Trusting at those points is like letting go when the source of your pain and fear is just before you; you tend to tighten your grip to protect yourself. This makes sense, but just like many profound truths, the solution is the opposite and counterintuitive. You must let go at that very point when you feel most threatened. That is when your healing will become sublime and you will reach new heights. That is also when the same old fear and pain will not keep weighing you down. Worth it! Read More

God Is System


How profound the thought that God, within himself, is relationship. He is greater than the sum of his parts. He is not Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. He is all and the interactions which occur between. He is always moving and his character is tied up in the ongoing dance. As well, we ourselves can never cease being in relationship. Just try to live apart from others. Even saying you are going to become “independent” is a relational position. Read More