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I heard a friend say once that “works of art are never finished, only abandoned.” My art teacher in high school taught me to develop a composition moving around and across the entire image at once, sketching in parts of the whole a little at a time, rather than ¬†finishing one part in detail and then moving onto another (which may be our tendency). Life is kind of like that, too. You don’t ever really finish it. It’s just that one day you die. You might not have everything lined up perfectly, but if you work on a few parts here and there, paying attention to the whole sum, over the years, you will get somewhere and people will start to see the whole picture that you are sketching. Read More

Real Strength

January 2011 073 Real strength is not defined by your ability to conquer any and every thing that might stand in your way. To overpower and dominate is often weakness. Real strength is knowing your own fragility (for you can be snuffed out at any moment). And it is realizing that though they kill your body, they cannot kill your soul.

Chet Atkins

Tried out old Chet on the turntable this evening. The kids liked it and danced. I wish you could see the diamond-patterned corduroys he is wearing on the album cover.

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