I am learning that getting older means becoming more like myself than anyone else. Before, in the name of becoming a more balanced human being, I spent a lot of time trying to become more like someone else. In doing so, I did not trust my own compass to lead me to what I needed. That has caused a lot of anxiety for me. I was the most healthy when I was a kid and I didn’t know any better and I just developed my own way of coping and dealing with life out of necessity. 🙂 Read More

A New Story

Family Photos-147 resized 25 A child who hates himself will act in such a way as to cause you to hate him as well. This is the only safe way he knows to find out if there is something other than hate in the world. He acts this way in order to check and see if there is love for him even when he is at his worst. One of our only jobs with children is to show them that there is something other than the choir of voices that confirm the way they already feel about themselves.