I Am Too Serious

I think when we are always busy trying to be “contemplative” and get to a deeper level of prayer, we miss something. I think one of the truest forms of prayer is my daughter running through the grass at full speed, saying, “Look at me, Daddy!” She marvels at what her legs can do and is truly abandoned to the moment and the speed at which she carries her little body. Read More

The Never-Ending Shed

Life is a continual series of surrenderings. Once you think you have died enough, life and God are back to prune some more. There is more to shed. If you are wise, you will continue to be open and ready for these little deaths. Do not build up your shields against them because then they will just fall harder and faster – it will take more to undo the cozy shelter you have built for yourself. The shelter is that which you have built to protect yourself from what – more abundant life? That for which you have been incessantly searching? Hmm… Read More

Truth vs. Fact

Truth is far different than fact. Facts are something you can learn and to which you can attach yourself. The truth is something you experience and which you assimilate into your being. Once you have experienced real Truth, you cannot go back. It will change your life. You will not be able to just replace it with some new information. On the other hand, facts are replaceable. Once you learn something new which opposes the understanding you held previously, you can discard the old like waste. Read More


The greatest incongruity the Christ’s teaching has with Darwinian Theory is not about the origins of the universe. It is with this idea of “survival of the fittest.” Now, Darwin probably did not endorse this survival of the fittest idea as one by which to live your life (I don’t know if he did), but it stands in stark opposition to what the Christ teaches about how to get “life.” This idea of survival of the fittest would say that the members of a species who are the best will survive and carry on the species, always finding new ways to survive and carry on. Jesus would say the way to survive is to die. Read More