The Great Fear

Fear is the great human problem. Every problem in relationship is a problem caused by fear. Our ego defenses go up because we fear that we will not be loved, wanted, valued. We constantly see threat – in our family, our friends and our enemies. That’s why the solution to our problems as humans are love, hope and faith. They are the opposite of fear.  Read More


Sublimation of anger, difficulty, stress, and threat is really the goal. When Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek, love our enemies, not repay evil for evil, and then shows us how on the cross, he is really saying that we need to sublimate anger and the impulse to retaliate. To sublimate it does not mean that you ignore the threat, but instead it means that you take it in or absorb it, and transform it into something else. And in that way, you take all its power away. On the cross, Jesus took all sin and hatred and evil into himself, and dealt with it once for all. None of it is of any threat now.  Read More

Dumb Luck

Dntel – Dumb Luck

Just don’t forget

That it’s dumb luck that got you here

Don’t fool yourself

Misfortune’s waiting for the best time to appear

To make it clear

That all the courage and the talent that you had 

Was just in dreams 

And when you wake up

You will beg to get it back  Read More