Finding God

I am amazed at times at how secret the Presence is. For me, it was not something I had to go halfway around the world to find. You can find it in your basement. And nobody really taught me about it. They told me to pray and that I would find God in solitude, but they did not really tell me how to do it or just how powerful it was. That I found out myself. Through practice.  Read More

The Stress Will Lead Me To

I am thankful for the stress. The stress has taught me that the only thing that will sustain me is God himself. If I did not continually have stress, I most likely would not have kept seeking God. I would have let him go.

I have sought, for a large part of my life, comfort. In fact, I have lusted for comfort, and I have presupposed that there are certain things or circumstances which, at last, will make me feel good. There is nothing that will satisfy like God, not even his blessing. But many times we seek God’s blessing – whether it be comfort, provision, or a changing of the winds of circumstance – and we seek it to the exclusion of seeking his Presence. Read More


You cannot really choose to reject the pain. You can live in denial, but the truth is we are all in this together and if you want to live a vital life, you must choose to accept it, process it, redeem it, overcome.

The Lesson Of Pain

You are a container for pain. Others pass it on to you. Father Richard Rohr has mentioned some research indicating that the effects of war (trauma) are passed down for 4 generations. That is what is transmitted through our relationships. We must find some way to deal with it, process it, transform it, or let it disable us.